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Jaguar 3737 Sunglasses

Jaguar 3737 Sunglasses

Frame: MetalColor: Black RhodiumSize: 59mmHinge: Skull Bridge: Adjustable nose pads

Adidas Gazelle S Sunglasses - A129

Models: Adidas Gazelle S - A129 A129-6117 A129-6118 A129-6071 A129-6072

Features:8-base decenteredVision Advantage Polycarbonate LensesTRI.FIT TempleDouble-Snap Nose BridgeQuick-Change Lens SystemQuick-Release HingeTraction GripVentilation SystemSPX & Flex Zones

LST: Light Stabilizing TechnologyDazzle caused by glaring sunlight as well as rapid changes from light to shadow impact eyesight and concentration. Adidas eyewear has specially developed its Light Stabilizing Technology to account for these factors. LST harmonizes extreme light fluctuations while enhancing the light contrast effect through balanced adaptation to lighting conditions. In this was, LST prevents rapid eye fatigue and ensures top sporting performances.

LST BluelightfilterHarmonizes rapid light/shadow changes, contrast enhancement and brightening effect, perfect blue light protection.

LST ActiveBeside contrast enhancement and light harmonization the red tinted lens also has a vitalizing psychological effect.

LST PolarizedSpecial lens for light reflection from water, ice, snow, etc., harmonizes rapid light/shadow changes, high contrast effect.

Nike Tarj Classic Sunglasses

Model: Nike Tarj Classic EV0054-001, EV0054-202, EV0054-004, EV0054-071, EV0054-017, EV0054-801, EV0054-066, EV0211-081, EV0211-095

The Nike Tarj Classic sunglasses combine performance features and a sleek design. A ventilated nose bridge and secure wrap temples enhance comfort. These active sports sunglasses provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

Features:- Lightweight Nylon Frame - for comfort and durability- Ventilated Nose Bridge - improves comfort and reduces fogging- Secure Wrap Temple Arms - for stability and comfort

Rayban Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses - RB3025

Authentic Rayban Pilot Aviator Sunglasses!
Models: Ray-Ban Large Metal Aviator RB 3025 001, RB 3025 001/3E, RB 3025 002, RB 3025 003/3G, RB 3025 004, RB 3025 032/32, RB W3234, RB W3235, RB W3275, RB 3025 002/37, RB 3025 002/39, RB 3025 002/58, RB 3025 001/58, RB 3025 L0205, RB 3025 L2823, RB 3025 004-9A, RB 3025 004-32, RB 3025 030-32, RB 3025 032-32, RB 3025 033-32, RB 3025 014-83, 001/4I, 002/4F, 002/4I, 004/58, 003/4I, 003/32, 070/32, 071/51, 072/32, 073/3E, 074/3F, W0879, W3236, W3274, W3277, W3280, W3281, 087/32, 088/3F
Base: 6-Base

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